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Embroidery Services at John Young Signs

The finishing touch for any corporate image is to identify your staff by providing clothing with your company logo. Our specialised machinery will embroider or screen-print your chosen garments as boldly or discreetly as you require. We can even supply the clothing.

You should position the logo for maximum effect. If photos are taken of your staff consider having a logo on the collar for instance. What about the rear of the garment?

Embroidering uniforms for your members of staff gives you the chance to include your company's logo on all items. You may also choose to include staff members' names or job titles on their uniforms for that added personal touch. Designs can be small and discreet or large and flamboyant depending on what you want to achieve. We can produce smaller designs on the chest of polo shirts or fleeces or even a large logo to cover the back of a garment.

In addition to employee uniforms, there are other opportunities to get your brand and logo in front of your customer using embroidery. Creating give-away items and loyalty bonuses carrying our logo can be a popular way of rewarding your customers and getting your branding seen more widely. Baseball caps, t-shirts and even non-clothing items such as towels are extremely popular with our clients and their customers as thanks for their business.

If you're unsure what kind of design would work best for you, our resident design team are on hand to help you make your choices and select what will work best for you. We can also give you advice based on our extensive experience as to which products work best for embroidery so your finished product has the best possible result.

It isn't possible for all items to be embroidered due to the fabric or type of finish on the item, so let us recommend the most appropriate items for embroidery of your graphics and get to work on the finished product.