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Leisure Wear, Workwear, Promotional Clothing, and Embroidery

At John Young Signs we have access to a vast array of Leisurewear, Sportswear and Workwear garments including jackets, tops, t-shirts; as well as, bags, shoes and accessories.

Please browse through our range and let John Young Signs take care of all your leisurewear requirements. We also have the capability to embroider or print your brand onto the garments.


Although John Young Signs is rightly well-known for the creation, printing and installation of high-quality signage, we also have a number of other strings to our bow.

In addition to giving you all you need to brand your premises, we also have the ability to bring your logos and graphics to your staff uniforms and clothing. This ensures that you’re putting across a consistent image to your customers at every opportunity. With a wide range of workwear, we can get your whole workforce kitted out from head to toe and make sure that we’re keeping everyone in line with your brand image.

Our range of workwear includes everything from t-shirts and polo shirts to outerwear and work shoes from a range of top brands. We can also provide you with bags and accessories with your company logo to complete the corporate look. With a wide variety of sizes, we can cater for your whole workforce. We can even provide you with kid’s sizes for your aspiring employees of the future!

We have a number of different colours and shades in stock, but if what we have available doesn’t suit we can order many more from our range of providers to make sure that they work perfectly with your company’s logo and branding. Depending on the type of garment and finish you want, we can either embroider or print the logo and graphics onto the clothing items to give you the best result.

As we can print and embroider your items on site, we can turn around your items and get them to you quickly. If you need help with designing and laying out the graphics on the items of clothing, we can guide you based on our extensive experience to make sure your finished product is precisely what you need.